There’s a First Time for Everything

Just a short note to brag about my students. This past weekend I held a two-day portrait workshop. We painted from a live model and worked on one long pose. Teaching is such a treat for me. I learn so much from other artists, and I just love being around them and exchanging ideas. This picture doesn’t show the whole class, but I managed to catch most of them. It was one student’s first attempt at a portrait, and she chose to come and work from a live model. That is true courage! That is what it takes to grow in your artistic endeavor. It was also our model’s first time to model, and she was AWESOME! I passed around samples of my new favorite oil color, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Daniel Smith. So, everyone experienced a first time to use that color. What new thing have you tried lately? You’re never to old for a first time.

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