Proud of My Students

Here are a few of the terrific pieces my art students have finished lately. Like a proud parent, I want to brag a bit on them. I have challenged them and myself to try new papers for dry media (charcoal and pastel). On some papers we painted on a watercolor wash to produce an antiqued look. The piece above by Merle is a good example of this. She used Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper with a watercolor wash to create a charcoal copy of Rembrandt van Rijn’s Cone Shell which was originally created in ink. She did a really terrific job don’t you think?

Artwork by Marycharles Carroll

Charlotte and Marycharles created their drawings on Japanese Ogura paper. The paper has a natural cream color, is quite thin in places, and has hemp swirling through it. Surprisingly the paper holds up quite well for drawing, and it tears beautifully leaving long strands of hemp on the edges. Marycharles did a copy of Juliette Artistides’ Branch of an Apple Tree. The charcoal is very striking on this paper and she did a wonderful job with the piece. The reference images for this piece and the one Merle used are found in the book we have been using in my drawing class. The title is Lessons in Classical Drawing by Juliette Artistides, and the book has many fine reference images. Well worth your art dollars to get a copy.

Artwork by Charlotte Moore

Charlotte’s piece above is also worked on Ogura paper, but she has taken a trois crayon approach.  She has used just enough red and a bit of white to make this little bird want to fly right off the page. You will have to forgive me, but I do not know where her reference material came from. Charlotte is a terrific photographer, but she will have to verify if this is from her own photos or someone else’s.

Great job ladies. I look forward to sharing other students’ work in the near future.

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