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Portrait Conference – Part 1

One of the best things about this conference is getting great tips from some of the best portrait artists in the world. James Gurney opened the conference with a discussion on facial recognition. I love the science behind portraiture. Yes, I’m a math and science geek, so when you mix that with art I’m hooked. I knew of James Gurney through reading his Dinotopia books with my sons. He is a terrific artist and
a wonderful speaker.

Tip: He has a wealth of information on his blog and here is part of what he discussed at the conference about eyebrows!

In the afternoon I sat between Ellen Cooper and Jennifer Welty. There we are. Ellen in front with me just beyond her in a picture from PSoA’s Facebook page. We discussed mediums, framing, canvas, etc… I met Ellen at one of the first PSoA Conferences I attended. Her mother was carrying one of her portraits around the conference to show the portrait brokers. What a go-getter! Since that time she has been in the finalists of the International Exhibition several times. I discovered Jennifer’s beautiful portraits at last year’s conference, where she had a wonderful painting of two young boys hanging with the finalists. Jennifer also led this year’s Inspiration Hour on Sunday morning where she discussed her faith and the strength she finds in it…really moving. Anyway, we sat there watching Quang Ho and Rose Frantzen demonstrate from the big stage.

Tip: Rose Frantzen uses 91% rubbing alcohol to clean her palette rather than her expensive solvent that she uses on her brushes.

Tip: Maybe this was also from Rose… Paint your palette warm gray at a value of 3. My comment: I do feel that when I miss judge a value, I get it too dark. I believe this happens because my palette is a warm wood grain that is probably a value of 8. I’ll be sanded it down and painting it.

Quote Worthy: Quang Ho said, “If you make a decision, it is correct!” He further explained… It was your best judgement of line or color or shape. At least you made a decision. You moved toward your intention. If you don’t make a decision, you are afraid!

Quote Worthy: I think it was Quang Ho who asked rhetorically, “When is a painting finished? When you go from being a creator to a viewer.”

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