Pastel Demo on Bark Paper – Painting Glass Bottles

Did I say I would do one bottle at a time and not look back? Hmmm, well I am doing one bottle at a time, but I’m discovering things along the way that are making me go back and edit what I had previously done. For instance, as the sun goes across the sky, the temperature of the reflections are shifting. In fact, sometimes I have darks where there were lights before. I like the reflections best when I can see some of the color of the sky and grass, but I don’t want to over do those colors. Sorry, you can’t really see these subtleties in the photos. Another thing I discovered is that I can see the reflection of the bottles in each other. That’s cool, so I just can’t leave them out. You have to look pretty carefully to see them, since the bottle relections are distorted. Hopefully this will turn out to be an added bonus for those who linger in front of the finished painting. I have to admit, my first attempt at putting in the reflections was to abstractly suggest them, but I think going back and really trying to see what is going on in those shapes will make the reflections more believable. On the other hand, the Mexican Bark Paper I’m using doesn’t allow for very much fine detail.

Speaking of detail, here is a closeup of the bottles. Can you find the reflection of the bottles in the bottles? A hint is below.

Being Different, Stage 5,detail -  Original Pastel Still Lifet

Hint: Look for the bottle reflections near the left edges of the second and third bottles.

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