Lots of Irons in the Fire

Well, I had finally (mostly) finished my new website, tried to figure out a bit of social media, held a demonstration for the Pastel Society of Southeast Texas, volunteered (did I really just take this on) to coordinate two workshops for out-of-town artists (more on that in another post), restarted a couple of old painting projects (remember the swing), and then decided to reorganize my studio.  Sound a bit attention deficit? Perhaps, but all of you women out there will understand that it is tough to concentrate around too much clutter. So, I attacked the corner were all of the I’ll-get-to-that-later stuff was getting piled up…OK, there were three piles, but not anymore. I re-positioned my easels and lighting, and organized my flat file. It makes me tired just thinking back through it, and boy was a tired. So, I did something really rejuvenating. I took an unplanned day-trip with my dear friend Merle to the Antique Fair in Chapel Hill. It was a nice break from the whirlwind of activity, and we both came home with some great finds.  Mine was this distressed apothecary cabinet. The drawers are 7 1/2 inches deep and can easily hold six 37ml tubes of oil paint. It sits beneath my taboret, so my paints are close at hand, and it looks better than the pile of tubes and papers and small canvases that were there before. The cabinet will also double as a still life object. Nice.

I think the take away is what my mother told me growing up, “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”  …even if you would rather be painting them!

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