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Kelly – Late in the Game

Typically, I would not have waited this late in the game to decide on the color of the background or add some suggestion of the hair color. These elements play an important role in getting the color and values right in the skin, but here we are. I’ve been playing around with a new color on my palette, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It came in handy mixing the colors in Kelly’s beautiful fair skin, so I threw it into the background along with some Phthalo Turquoise and …gee, I can’t remember what all went into it, perhaps it was Raw Sienna to force it to green…but I like the way it is working with her curly brownish-red hair and echoing the color of her eyes. Kelly had requested that I make sure to get her turquoise highlight running through her braid, which had faded by the time I saw her. At this point I have kept that highlight a bit more blue to stand out from the background. I still might add more strokes into the background and definitely more wisps of hair coming off the braid. For now I’ve left off the tail of the braid, so that I can finish the shirt before laying it on top. I’m really liking the shadow of the braid that is cast down Kelly’s neck, over her collarbone, and against her chest. Not sure if I’ll tackle the shirt or the darks on her face next. The Burnt Sienna sketch is still showing in these areas, so they need attention.

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