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Kelly – Famous Last Words

You know what they say about famous last words…Well, my day started out thinking I would just whip out Kelly’s neck and chest area. How hard could it be? Well…three days later, I was finally satisfied. The problem was approaching the painting, thinking it would be easy. That idea set me up to be careless. On my third attempt I finally got focused and started looking for all of her anatomical landmarks; the clavicles, sternum, sternocleidomastoid muscles. That’s right, you heard me. All of the seemingly flat areas of the neck and chest have allot going on within them. Overlooking that fact resulted in a space that didn’t make much sense. When I got serious about my anatomy and could see the subtle shifts in color across the muscles and bones, the painting fell back into place. So here she is with her sternocleidomastoid muscles right where they should be.

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