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Finished Kelly

It’s been a very busy summer, full of college campus visits with my youngest son, workshops with leading portrait artists in the nation, and prepping for my new art classes that started last week. Despite the hectic schedule…or more likely because of the hectic schedule…I finally finished the portrait of Kelly that ended up lost in the shuffle. The last time we looked at the painting I had added the turquoise background. To finish, I painted her shirt, the dark side of her face and some additional wisps of hair. The shirt she wore to our photo shoot was striped red and pale blue. That really wasn’t going to help the composition, so after seeing the burnt sienna sketch against the turquoise background, I thought it would be nice to just paint it in those warm brown tones. I also wanted some of the wisps of her hair from the dark side of her face to peek into the light. This is the finished piece…a bit out of focus. I’ll have to get a better photo before it leaves to go to its new home.

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